Thursday, August 25, 2011

something to enjoy,to share..

1. The best word is Allah’s book. The best path is Muhammad’s path.

2. The most dutiful amongst you is the one who learns and teaches the Qur’an.

3. Every human being is born as a Muslim.

4. Those that have a sparkle of arrogance will never enter paradise.

5. Those servers whose feet got dusty on Allah’s path won’t touch hellfire.

6. Nothing more than the believer’s good manner will weigh on the scale on Judgement Day.

7. Allah loves the small deeds that are done constantly.

8. The initiator of a good deed will get the same reward as the one who adapts this deed.

9. A believer won’t redo the same mistake.

10. The best of you is the one with best character.

11. Those that believe in Allah and in Judgement day shall either talk good things or remain silent

12. There’s nothing more precious for Allah, than invocation (du’a).

13. Patience (sabir) and invocation (du’a) are the best two weapons of a Muslim.

14. The ritual prayer (salat) is the Muslim’s ascension.

15. The best deed for Allah is the ritual prayer (salat) which is done on time.

16. Every step you take to perform the ritual prayer (salat) is like giving alms (sadaqa) for Allah.

17. The ritual prayer (salat) is the divine light (nur).

18. Fasting (saum) is a Muslim’s shield.

19. A Muslim is a Muslim’s fellow.

20. Spread the Islamic greeting (salam) among yourselves.

21. Mankind is like the points of a comb. They’re balanced.

22. A Muslim is a mirror to a Muslim.

23. All Muslims are a part of one body.

24. A good word is like giving alms (sadaqa).

25. The giving hand is better than the one that takes.

26. It is unlawful for a Muslim to be disgruntled to a fellow Muslim for more than three days.

27. Smiling is like giving alms (sadaqa).

28. Never underestimate a good deed, even if it’s a smiling face to a fellow Muslim.

29. The things you don’t wish for yourself, don’t wish them for others, either.

30. Those who aren’t merciful to the little ones and don’t respect the old ones, aren’t from us.

31. The one who sleeps with a full stomach knowing that his neighbour is hungry doesn’t believe in me.

32. Allah won’t be merciful to those who aren’t merciful to others.

33. A Muslim won’t stop listening to good advises until he’s entered paradise (ghanna).

34. A Muslim is someone from whose hand and tongue others are safe from.

35. Beware of speculations. Words which are based on speculations are the biggest lies.

36. Only by narrating everything you hear to others you’ll do many sins.

37. Allah won’t appreciate your outer appearance and your wealth, but what’s in your heart and your deeds.

38. Purity comes from faith.

39. The food you eat for which you have worked hard for is the best food.

40. The best among you is the one who’s useful for his family.

p/s: lama gila blog x update..busy gila ke cuti kwn2???

bulan ramadhan lagi beberapa hari ni,share la apa2 yg patut..peace!

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Azalina Jamhari said...

meaningful..semoga ia menjadi pengajaran wat kita sume..


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