Monday, December 6, 2010

final 1.1 : anatomy paper ( ATTENTION)



here are some info related to our final exam for anatomy paper. bear in mind that this paper comprises of anatomy, histology and also embryology. so, for the anatomy part, em..nothing else i can say; read it, memorize it, by heart! =.='

the main point here is the histology and embryology part, which, i think;new to us.. so, let me tell u about the histology first.

in MEQ (essay), u will be tested on your basic understanding about microscopic features of the body's tissue ( bone,cartilage,connective tissue) where u have to make a table to compare and contrast those things. for example, state the differences between bone and cartilage. (ok, the table is not provided, so its up to u whether to make table or just write your answer in the essay form. i think table form would be better).

another part is that, u have to DRAW the tissue. yup, don't forget to bring along your color pencil to the exam hall. draw it nicely, so i suggest u to refer back your histology practical and make correction if there is any mistake in your drawings.

for OSPE, this is quite challenging.. we have to look through the microscope and identify the tissue/cells. u may be asked to state the type of the cells, or even, the functions/characteristics of it.

don't forget the embryology part.

during OSPE, there will be also some diagrams and we have to identify;which phase in implantation/fertilization process does the diagram shows? so read the notes carefully, and understand each and every diagrams in the notes. ( also the layers of decidual, capacitation process of sperm & etc)

umm, i thinks that all for now. i need to go to bed. my biological clock is changed already (sigh). gud luck, guys!

p/s: the medical students got zero-failed for their physio paper. u see; it is 'zero'! we also can, right?! best of luck, inshaAllah :)

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